Purchasing System Sample Companies

Here is your chance to play with the "Basic PO Program" which has the following features:

  • Purchase Orders are created from either product requisitions or by selecting a specific vendor and products.
  • Receivers are created from either a PO or a blank form.

The "Advanced PO Program" has the following additional features which are not in the sample companies:

  • Transfers of products between different departments of stores.
  • Invoice Reconciliation which allows an accounting department to checkoff items invoiced against the receivers.
  • Cash Flow Projections based upon Receiver Reports.

There are two different sample companies:

  • Able Company has elected to use a centralized purchasing approach in which it's branch stores submit product requisitions to corporate level purchasing department. This department then decides on whether to issue PO''s or to transfer the products. Go To» Able Company
  • Bravo Company doesn't have a formal purchasing department. Instead, it's branches issue their PO's directly. Go To» Bravo Company

These companies already have some sample data setup. I regularly reset the sample data back to the original information, so you can click the buttons and enter data without fear of missing anything up. I appreciate very much any notifications of bugs or something that doesn't seem right. And, please bear in mind that I am all about a customized approach to business systems and have written these programs to make them easy to change.